Event Schedule

2019 Future OPS Agenda - April 25, 2019

TIMEExhibitor HallLewis & ClarkKainsvilleGeneral Dodge
7:30 - 8:45Exhibitor Hall OpenRegistration and breakfast sponsored by TierpointRegistration and breakfast sponsored by TierpointRegistration and breakfast sponsored by Tierpoint
8:45 - 9:20The Importance of a Good Office Print Strategy - ScantronTBD - PratumTBD - Country Banker Systems
Session DetailPrint downtime can kill productivity or bring business to a halt. An effective print strategy calls for assessing your organization’s needs and resources and developing a plan that will help you get the most out of your print technology.
9:30 - 10:05TBD - DBEConversational Banking - C&A AssociatesTBD - Shazam/Cardinal
Session Detail
10:05 - 10:30Exhibitor Hall Open
10:30 - 11:05TBD - Jack HenryTBD - Journey TechnologyTBD - SBS Cybersecurity
Session Detail
11:05 - 11:15Break
11:15 - 11:50Security as a Service - ScantronTBD - AxcientLead the Way - MEA Financial
Session DetailMEA Financial has a couple of new solutions available that will help financial institutions not only catch up to the competition but make your bank a leader in your demographic.
11:50 - 1:00Exhibitor Hall OpenLunch sponsored by ShazamLunch sponsored by ShazamLunch sponsored by Shazam
1:00 - 1:35TBD - CSPITBD - SecureGuard ConsultingNext Generation Communications for Banks - Network Innovations
Session DetailCome hear how banks are becoming closer to key customers than ever before. Have control and options, which you can use to improve customer retention and drive savings to the bottom line.
1:35 - 1:45Break
1:45 - 2:20TBDTBDTBD
Session Detail
2:20 - 3:15Security Expert Roundtable with Pratum, SBS Cybersecurity, SecureGuard Consulting, Scantron
3:15Final Door Prize Drawings